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Getting Medical Marijuana Card In Florida: Check This Guide!

Florida is one of the 33 states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana. For most patients who want to access cannabis for medical benefits through a valid prescription, the process of applying for a card is the most confusing one. In this post, we are sharing a few tips for getting a medical marijuana card in Florida, with facts that are worth knowing.

Appointment with a doctor

The first obvious step is to find qualified doctors who can recommend medical marijuana in the state. Note that cannabis is recommended and not prescribed in Florida. For patients, this just means that they can choose to use cannabis if they need it, as compared to a prescription that must be followed. Doctors who can recommend cannabis for medical use need to complete a course, which is led by State of Florida. There are online resources that can help you find more hundreds of qualified doctors in the state. You are expected to bring all the medical records on the day of appointment, and if the tests suggest that you need medical cannabis, your doctor will make an entry in the Registry of the state. The details on the Registry has to match with what is mentioned on the card issued, so be specific about this aspect.

Applying for the card

If the doctor has approved you for medical marijuana, the next step is to fill up the application form. The good news is you can apply online for your card and get it in as less as 10 days in Florida, as compared to mailed applications. You will get a receipt on your email, which will allow you to buy medical marijuana from a dispensary, also called medical marijuana treatment center in the state. More than 90 dispensaries are located all across the state, so you can always find one. The medical marijuana card in Florida may have different costs, but in many cities, it is just $99.

Using medical marijuana

If you have got your card, you can now buy medical marijuana from a dispensary. Keep in mind that cannabis will cause a high, which is desirable, but for medical needs, you have to adhere to the recommended dosage and use. Do not overdo medical marijuana and make sure to start slow. Do not drive or do any physical work after consuming cannabis in any form.

Getting your medical marijuana card in Florida isn’t that complicated.