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Why People Need To Start Long Term Care Plan In Their Early Years?

Senior citizens are concerned about their long term care needs. However, they fail to plan it in advance and now things have gone out of control. People do get life insurance coverage for unexpected threats. Late-life events are devastating for the lifestyle of every elderly, so they feel frustrated, angry and depressed.

Therefore, it is wise to understand the need for long term health care planning so that your family does not need to sacrifice their savings set aside for their children’s education. Elders with no close family can be a burden to relatives.

Changing demographics & lack of enough government funds reveal the need for long term health care plan

  • Longer life – Lifespan of the senior population has reached 85 years. Older the individual gets the more likely there will be a need for long-term care services. The care equation can last for years!
  • Dementia risk – Elderly people are at risk of suffering from dementia. It is studied that more than 46% of people over 85 years suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia.

  • Obesity & disability – There is an increase in obese people, which contributes to poor health and disability in the elderly. Nursing homes are predicted to get an extra 15% to 20% obese elderly people enrolled for care.
  • Single person – The population of a single person is increasing. It means there is no spouse or children to take care of. Around 40% population is reported to be single.
  • Birthrate going down – Single person household is increasing, families are getting small with fewer children, and elderly numbers are growing. This finally creates a scene where more people will need nursing home services.
  • Women – Around 60% of women are employed and only 40% are at home offering care to their elderly members.
  • Children relocating – Children or the elderly are relocating, which makes it hard to offer long-distance caregiving.
  • Lack of government funds – As the elderly percentage is growing there is a burden on tax level and lack of government funds for long term caregiving programs.

  • Ignore future planning – Many healthy people at an early age ignore future issues and planning for long term caregiving, which burdens futuristic public programs.

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