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Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis Concentrates!

There are numerous ways to consume cannabis – Think of smoking, vaporizing, edibles, tinctures, and dabbing. Many seasoned users and those in need of better solutions for medical conditions are now using more of cannabis concentrates, rather than just flowers. As more cannabis concentrates are being produced with better potency and purity, popularity of these products continues to soar. In Colorado, dispensaries like Chronic Therapy are hugely famed for the range of concentrates they sell. If you are interested in concentrates, here is an overview that covers some of the basic points.

What exactly is a concentrate?

A concentrate basically contains nothing more but the desired terpenes and cannabinoids, primarily THC and CBD. If you want to experience that ultimate high, concentrates are way better, and you only need a little, because these are extremely potent. You can use concentrates through a dab rig, via dabbing, which is often the first choice of seasoned and regular concentrate users. With concentrates, you can consume cannabis discreetly, and nowadays, you even have portable concentrate pens to enjoy the experience on the go.

What are the types of concentrates?

There are various options in concentrates, but most commonly, you will hear about wax and shatter. Both wax and shatter are comparable in terms of potency and are used through dabbing. Dispensaries work with reliable producers to come up with wax and shatter that have been made with the best strains, and there are varied levels in both categories. You can head to the dispensary and ask the budtenders to help with potencies and related aspects.

Another popular form of concentrate is live resin. People love live resin because of the terpene profile, which offers more aroma and flavor. Live resin looks more like sugary crystals, and there will be some terpene juice in the mix.

Other aspects that matter

If you want to use the best of cannabis concentrates, make sure that you are buying your product from the right source. Select a dispensary and not some random online store, because it does make a difference to the product. Also, the quality of cannabis concentrates determines how much of it is to be used in one go. As we mentioned earlier, you don’t need a lot of concentrate, but ensure that you are using it right.

Crumble is also a popular choice, and if you are buying cannabis concentrates, do check in advance about how to store your supplies.