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All You Want To Know About Respite Care

Respite care is one of the forms of care that is given on a short-term basis. It is given mostly to mentally or physically disabled children, senior people, or younger adults. If you have any senior person in your family who is unable to take care of him, then respite care is a good caregiving option to consider. Let us know more about it in detail.

What is Respite Care?

Respite care is a type of care service that offers caregivers a break by temporarily taking over their caregiving responsibilities. In this way, the primary caregiver gets some time for themselves. Terrace Lake is an award-winning and a trusted provider for short term care to people in Guntersville, AL.

This center offers skilled, and compassionate nursing care, and rehab services to people who are in need of respite care, or short-duration post-surgical care.  Respite care services can be used by anyone who has special needs. It can even be customized depending on the type of care needed by them at that moment of time.

Benefits of Respite care

When you get respite care, you get refreshed and feel supported, that assist you to offer better care to your loved ones. This type of care also helps in lowering the chances of neglect, and abuse. Respite care proves to be advantageous for both the parties (the loved one, and the caregiver) in the area of socialization when both of them remain at home 24*7.

What are the different types of Respite Care?

There are majorly two types in which respite care is given:

In-Home Care

This is the most commonly used form of respite care. As this is short-term care, most of the people adopt this way. In this approach, any of your friends, family member, a professional caregiver, or a volunteer can offer short-term care by visiting your home. The care provided by the caregiver is of a general type.

Out-of-Home Care

In this type of respite care, the person who has special needs moves from their home to a hospital, assisted living facility, convalescent care center or adult day care center.

This type of respite care is structured as per the medical model to offer therapeutic, and health services that provide fundamental social engagement, and memory care via one and group activity.


Respite care is a good short-term care solution for family caregivers of children, and adults with special needs.