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Healthcare Career Review: The Job Of A Medical Assistant!

The healthcare sector is lucrative to professionals for many reasons. Immune to depression, the demand for healthcare professionals is always high. If you don’t want to become a doctor or nurse, you can consider the role of a medical assistant. So, what is a medical assistant? In simple words, a medical assistant is responsible for clinical and admin tasks at a clinic. They are mostly employed at outpatient clinics, physicians’ offices, and hospitals, while some may choose to work in other health centers. To become a medical assistant, you must complete a nationally accredited healthcare program and must have some experience of working in a medical setting.

What’s the role of a medical assistant?

As we mentioned, medical assistants may have to do both admin and clinical tasks. Admin tasks include management of appointments, keeping patient records, retrieving information when needed, documenting medical details of patient, doing basic data entry tasks, and coordinating the regular tasks at the clinic. Also, medical assistants often need to do clinical tasks, like checking vital signs of patients, prepping them for the physician’s appointment, taking samples and drawing blood, sending samples for analysis in lab, keeping appointment rooms in check, and much more. In some cases, a medical assistant may be asked by the physician to assist in certain procedures.

What about education?

Having a bachelor’s degree is preferred, but at the least, a high school diploma is needed. They must also complete the course of Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) from a known college, and having some experience in a clinical setting is a must. All medical assistants must complete their licensing requirements and must renew the same as needed.

Other things to know

Since medical assistants work directly with physicians, they need to have an open mind. Also, working with patients and offering assistance and information also require them to be very empathetic and kind. In some states in the US, medical assistants earn more than others, but as of 2020, the average median salary is about $36151. As you gain more experience and work in clinics doing different roles, you have the capability and scope to earn more. The good news is you can start working as a medical assistant immediately after completing the course.

Check online now to find more on medical assistant job openings, and make sure that you apply for clinics that allow enough job flexibility and can boost your profile.