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Various Laser Treatments Available to Remove Unwanted Fat

When you have bulk fat in various parts of your body and want to get rid of them with minimum efforts, lipolysis or liposuction is the best option. Liposuction is one among the popular surgeries that helps people to achieve their dream shape when diet and exercise doesn’t help them remove fat.

Laser Lipolysis

Instead of using vacuum in the suction process of fat as that of liposuction, laser fat removal technique uses heat from fiber-optic lasers. Usually, for laser lipolysis there is no need for getting admitted. As an outpatient, you get the treatment and it ensures a quick healing too.

With the help of local anesthesia, to the specified area where you want to remove the bulky fat from, fat is removed through a thin tube in laser liposuction. You need to take two treatments per week and after 8 sessions you will notice the difference.

The cost may vary according to the area covered and approximately it may be around 1000$ for eight sessions.


Sculpsure is a laser treatment, that requires no incisions or anesthesia, used to remove or eliminate fat accumulation in target area. It can be performed, in just 25minutes in more than one place simultaneously.

Both men and women, of any age, can undergo this treatment to get rid of fat. The candidate experiences only a minimal discomfort and no recovery time is needed. You can start expecting your desired result in six weeks and the fat once removed will not accumulate again with proper diet and exercise plan.

It’s not a weight loss treatment and doesn’t suit overweight people having Body Mass Index more than 30. This costs approximately around 1500$.

Ultrasonic Liposuction

The stubborn fat in the targeted area is liquified using ultrasonic waves and then sucked out using a cannula. A surgery may be required in this procedure. The vibration involved in this process may cause severe damage to the nervous system resulting in loss of feeling. Recovery time will be shorter unless you had a treatment for large area.

Cost varies according to the treated area and hospitalization if any. On an approximate it may cost around 3200$.

Any liposuction procedure is not an alternate for weight loss. And you won’t get rid of your cellulites. Doctors may prescribe some moderate exercises to keep the fat accumulation at bay. Since liposuction is a cosmetic surgery, this won’t be covered by the insurance.

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