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Dark Helmet Strain: What you Should Know Before Using It

Dark Helmet is not the most visually attractive cannabis strain. It’s because of its muddy look that is kind of underwhelming. However, this is not to say the Dark Helmet strain is poorly cultivated or that it has a bad bud. This new strain has oranges bathing over the greens, softening the leaves’ sharper colors. The slightly amber hue of the bud is due to the trichomes absorbing the orange.

How it Smells

The name of Dark Helmet does not provide users with much context about how it will smell up close. This strain does not have an intense odor. Indeed, it can be ground and left while on the blender and it will not fill the space with its aroma. A smooth pine accent complements a strong hit along with a hint of lavender. However, the most interesting aroma is apple. Dark Helmet’s scent is comparable to a fresh-cut honeycrisp. Some users wish this strain to have a more pronounced aroma. Those who are looking to try it should know it is subtle.

How Is It When Vaped

When vaped, the Dark Helmet’s sweet aroma takes something of a backseat. The strain tends to favor a more earthy or woody taste. While adding a delicious aftertaste, lemon notes are more subtle. Some users find the honeycrisp apple aroma translating well to flavor, softening the pine’s bite and adding a great sweetness to their overall experience. Such sweetness tends to increase the longer the strain is vaped.

Moreover, the Dark Helmet is not too harsh or intense, in terms of diesel flavor or bite. Users are likely to experience mild coughing. However, this train will have them heaving for some minutes.  This cannabis strains would pair well with honey bourbon or a sweet herbal tea.

Health Benefits of Dark Helmet

Providers of this strain suggest users give this train a try for its calming relaxation effects and inflammation relief. With this strain, users can experience a soothing headband effect that massages the skull’s back, trailing down the neck and spine. Such an effect would continuously radiate for many hours that users will feel like they are sitting in a massage chair. Also, this train can temper anxiety.

It is best to use Dark Helmet in the late evening since it can be draining or can cause couch-lock. It makes sense to get all chores or work done before medicating with this strain.