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The rate at which cancer is causing deaths across the globe is alarming. This disease has no boundary as it affects men, women, and children alike. As researchers in medicine strive to find a cure for this deadly disease, those affected are left with the option of managing it through various available treatment options. They include; chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, complementary medicine, among others. Most of these procedures require a lot of money, which explains why many cancer patients suffer substantial financial burdens in loans from friends and financial institutions. Early diagnosis of cancer can help prolong the lives of those affected since the cancerous cells are detected at an early stage.

There are numerous types of cancer depending on which part of the body is affected. Some are deadlier than others considering the speed at which the cancer cells involved multiply and spread. The common types of cancers are; lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, and prostate cancer. One that is also growing in prominence is mesothelioma. This type of cancer occurs in the thin membranes called mesothelium, which lines the chest, lungs, abdomen, and sometimes the heart. Asbestos exposure happens to be a leading causing agent of this cancer, especially pleural mesothelioma, which affects the tissue that surrounds the lungs.

The majority of individuals who tested positive for mesothelioma have a history of exposure to asbestos at their workplaces. In most cases, their employers failed in their duty by not protecting their employees despite knowing the harmful effects of this material. Victims who have evidence of exposure to asbestos by their employers are urged to file mesothelioma lawsuits to get compensation. Ninety-five percent of such cases end through out-of-court settlements or trial verdicts, with the victims standing a high chance of being compensated.

 Given the lethal nature of this disease, it would be essential to look at some factors that cause it. Such information will help several people to live a conscience life by minimizing exposure where necessary. Take note that some of these factors are beyond human control.


Certain types of food are believed to cause colon cancer. They include processed meat and processed grains. Refined grains in white bread and other white flour foods can increase blood sugar levels, which lead to insulin resistance. Tobacco has chemicals that trigger cancer, and those who smoke it much more likely to suffer from lung cancer.

Environmental exposure

Some pesticides and fertilizers have high chemical content. Most of the chemicals used are cancerous. Pesticides, for instance, have a mixture of arsenic, ethylene oxide, and indene.

Family history, inheritance, and genetics

Some faulty genes that increase the risk of cancer can be passed from parent to child.

Chemotherapy and radiation

Patients with cancer who undergo chemotherapy are always at risk of contracting a new primary cancer after some years. This is because the drugs involved are too strong, and even though they kill rapidly growing cancer cells, they can also harm healthy cells.

It is not known when a cure for cancer will be found. People all over the world remain optimistic that a solution will be discovered. More resources should be devoted to research to answer millions’ hopes and save families from losing their loved ones at an extraordinary pace. Bodies like The World Health Organization need fast-track research efforts by providing necessary resources.