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Is Relex Smile Successful?

If you are planning to get rid of the specs and huge powerful lenses from your eyes, then opting permanent solution for this that is named relex smile is the choice to be considered. There are so many benefits of getting your eyes treated through laser.

What is the procedure of a smile?

The technical treatment of relex smile involves the following steps:

  • As soon as the treatment starts, the specialist gives the anesthesia drop to numb the eyes
  • Visu max laser is used to place the cornea’s center by making a precision
  • It creates bubbles outlining the tissue to be removed
  • Using this, the shape is changed, and correction is done.

Is relex smile right for me?

Before you go for the treatment, make sure that you fall under the category of eligible patients. Although the surgery has been successful to a great extent, it is important to know how it works on different people with different eye problems.

Most people believe in the myth that a relex smile hurts, but that is not true. During laser surgery, the eyes are numbered, and suction is made to ensure that the surgery is safe. The total time taken for the surgery involves only 15 minutes.