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Domestic dogs and their origin in the world

The dogs come under the wolf family it is domesticated by humans. It was first domesticated by hunters for hunting. Domestic dogs are mammal animals and omnivores. Dogs are pet animals domesticated by humans. From then dogs became friends with human beings. Early domesticated dog remains were found in Germany. Dogs are the first animal domesticated by humans. There are hundreds of dog breeds present in the world. There are more than 450 dog species found on the earth. The dog senses include the following vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Domestic dogs have two types of coats guard hair and soft hair.

Dog breeds and their characters

Dogs are now bred specially as pet animals. People grow dogs in their homes by feeding them food to them. It is used now for social causes and companionship to humans. Other purposes of dogs are dogs used in police, hunting, and security. An important characteristic of a dog is barking. They are very playful. They need good food for their growth. Domestic dogs are grown by the people on their premises and provided with dog foods or human food. Their health is important because they used to run and walk. A balanced diet is important for dogs. Dog supplements are available in pet stores. The Immune Soft Chews For Dogs is present in pet shops. Dog guardians can buy dog chews for their pets.

Common health issues in dogs

Dogs’ health is important because they need it for their survival. Dogs live for nearly 15 years in the world. They need vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to maintain their body. Dogs also have some health issues because of many reasons. They need proper food and health. Common health issues are digestion, depression, psychological disorders, diabetes, arthritis, and cancer. To keep them away from disease and disorders give the pets proper food and supplements.

Know about immune soft chews for dogs

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