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Choose A Tattoo Cover-up or Removal – Know How You Can

A tattoo on the body shows your interest as well as style, but what if you don’t want to have it no longer. Tattoo cover-ups are the best alternative to change the ink on your body.

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Benefits of tattoo cover-ups

  • You can have a new one – Looking at the same tattoo everyday obviously makes you bored and out-dated. The main benefit of opting tattoo cover-ups is that you can remove one that you don’t like and get something new one, which makes you happy.
  • You can have a different design from old tattoo – You can find many tattoo removal clinics, which offer professional services. They will see at your present tattoo, ask few questions, and transforms it into a new design.

After completing the process, you can have a new design that looks completely different from old one. You can either alter it into your favorite logo or nice bouquet depending on your choice.

  • New colors will make the elements fade away – Your old design colors runs deep into dermis, skin layer below epidermis (outer layer). By having tattoo cover-ups, new colors mingle with the old one.

You can choose colors like black, blue, green, brown, magenta, or others will help to cover-up them completely. If you don’t want words or name, it is the ideal option to choose from.

Tips to consider when covering up a tattoo

  • Choose compatible or similar ink colors, designs, and shapes.
  • Your new tattoo size must be bigger compared to old design
  • You can opt for completely cover-up or camouflage
  • Speak to the artist, before a cover-up procedure

What you can expect from the laser tattoo cover-ups?

Whether you want a complete removal or cover-up, laser removal treatment is the safest and effective technique, these days. A professional technician will target the older design with a laser, breaks ink into small particles, and then they are removed naturally.

You may experience mild discomfort such as itching or scabbing after a removal session. You may need 3 or more than it depending on the coloring, age, location, and size of your tattoo. Each session lasts for 15-30 minutes. Generally, sessions are scheduled 6 to 8 weeks apart.

Gather information about the clinics that offer safe and effective tattoo cover-ups clinic, choose the best one and book your consultation today.