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Cannabis Concentrates Simplified: Reviewing Budder!

The range of cannabis-infused products has exploded in the last few years. There are literally endless products to choose from. Many users, especially those rely on cannabis for medical needs, often prefer concentrates. True to the name, cannabis concentrates contain a concentrated level of cannabinoids, particularly THC, terpenes and flavonoids. Among the popular concentrates is budder. Concentrates often get name from the consistency of the product. Budder has a batter consistency, much like cake batter. Here is an overview of budder at a glance.

Knowing the basics

Budder is loved for the flavors, because it retains the cannabinoids and terpenes to the best extent. It’s neither solid or liquid – somewhere in between, so budder is much easy to consume. Budder is often compared to shatter. Shatter, much like its name, shatters into small pieces easily, and for many cannabis users, enjoying shatter can be hard, because the dosage is hard to determine. That’s not the case with budder. If you are looking for a concentrate that is more solid, you can look for crumble. The consistency of concentrates is determined by many factors, including strain, how the product is made, and the extraction process.

Should you consider using budder?

Budder is often recommended for beginners, but the best idea would be to talk to the budtenders of a known and licensed dispensary near you. Ask them about the concentration of THC, terpene profile and strain details. Keep in mind that most users desire CBD and THCA when they look for concentrates, and budder really works in that context, especially when the strain is right. Budder is often also made by adding cannabinoid during or after the extraction process, so the THC content can be as high or as low as you may want. Terpenes offer the flavor or taste that you get with concentrates.

In conclusion

There’s no denying that concentrates offer a more enhanced cannabis experience, but with any form of concentrate, going slow is recommended. Also, you need very little of budder, or any such concentrate to get the effects desired, and that also says a lot about the pricing. Cannabis concentrates are often preferred by patients who are not fond of regular buds, or need something more to deal with chronic pain, anxiety and depression. Budder is among the few that beginners can try safely in smaller doses.

Check for a good dispensary and ask about concentrates.