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Benefits and Factors to Consider When Renting a C-Arm System

C-Arm systems are advanced medical imaging devices that work on the basic premises of fluoroscopy. The C-Arm gets the name from their unique C-shaped arm. The C-Arm is used in pain management, angiography, cardiac studies, orthopedics, emergency procedures, and general surgery. Its fluoroscopy technology provides high-quality x-ray imaging in real-time for surgeons to monitor the progress of the procedure. Such a critical device is a necessity in hospitals. Rental C-Arm systems can have advantages, including tax benefits, flexible terms, system upgrades, rent-to-own programs, and included system maintenance. Medical facilities that need help with fluoroscopy equipment on an emergency or temporary basis can benefit by renting a C-Arm. Facilities can rent a C-Arm to determine whether purchasing a C-Arm would be a sound financial decision. Are you in need of emergency C-Arm rental or non-emergency rental? Here are factors to consider?

C-Arm Systems Available

When selecting a C-Arm, always consider the clinical specialty in which it will be used. C-Arm rental companies have a range of stock that varies by provider, the stocked equipment may include surgical C-Arms, mini C-Arm systems, vascular and non-vascular, and various brands. The brands of C-Arm systems that a provider may have in stock include GE, Philips, Fluoroscan, OrthoScan, Siemens, and Ziehm Imaging. Consider a rental provider that helps you find a system that best fits your needs, including the specifications for the image resolution, Image Intensifier size, and the clinical application of your C-Arm’s use.

Rental Terms & Programs

For rental of the equipment, whether it is on an emergency or short or long-term contract, consider if the provider offers rent-to-own and maintenance programs, along with quotes based on emergency or non-emergency requirements for your rental needs. Because the images are available in real-time and are high resolution, fluoroscopy permits surgeons to make quick decisions amid procedures. For various reasons, facilities often need to have the latest C-Arm available at a moment’s notice. When a facility’s C-Arm is not functioning because of repairs or breakdowns, facilities need to know they can get a rental C-Arm delivered quickly. Some providers, such as C-ArmNow, offer emergency rentals that can be

delivered within 24 to 48 hours if the facility is within 500 miles of Salt Lake City. For facilities outside anywhere else in the U.S. C-ArmNow can typically deliver a C-Arm in two to four days.

Always ensure the rental company you choose gives a substantial period of usage. Based on your specific rental needs this could be for a daily, weekly, monthly or annual rental program. Clarify with the provider on if they cover the technicians’ parts, labor, and travel time. Some sellers do not cover the X-ray tube and the image intensifiers since they are the most expensive parts of the system. When selecting the best rental for a C-Arm system, the cost is a significant factor. The cost is dependent on the manufacturer company of the C-Arm. Other factors affecting the rental price may include the year and the model of the device. Recently designed C-Arm systems tend to be more costly compared to the older models. In some cases it is more expensive to rent a C-Arm for a shorter duration more frequently as compared to a long term rental. Some rental agreements also have additional rental costs in their weekly and monthly prices. Always ensure before settling for a rental, you have examined the rental agreement or the price quotes to see if the cost is inclusive.

Overall, renting a C-Arm allows medical facilities to meet clinical obligations if the in-house device is out-of-service. By renting a C-Arm and assessing the volume of work handled, a hospital can choose between a rent-to-own plan or an outright purchase