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A Guide To Pediatric Care For New Parents: Check The Basics Here!

Pediatric care is all about mental & physical wellbeing of children, right from the time of birth to all the way to early teen years. Pediatrics is one of the most extensive fields in healthcare, and it compromises of everything, right from basic preventive care to diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Pediatricians specialize in treating both chronic and acute conditions in infants and children. If you are wondering – when does my child need to see a pediatrician? The answer is simple – Right at the time of birth.

Prenatal care

Most expecting mothers are expected to see a pediatrician besides their regular gynecologist during the final trimester of the pregnancy. Just after the child is born, new parents have concerns, and they have many questions, for which visiting a pediatrician is absolutely necessary.

What to expect from pediatric care?

As we mentioned earlier, the role of a pediatrician is not limited to just treating a child for diseases. Your baby should see a pediatrician within the first week of birth for a wellness exam, and the doctor will recommend a schedule for preventive healthcare. They will also offer a complete list of vaccines and further screenings that the child may need, and pediatrician also take care of circumcisions for newborns. Pediatric care in many clinics also offer assistance for ADHD Management, and even some of the minor things, such as ear piercing. If you are traveling with your child internationally, you have to consult the doctor to know the if any special vaccines and precautions are to be taken. Not to forget, pediatricians also specialize in vaccine administration.

Finding a clinic

Selecting the right clinic for pediatric care is absolutely critical, and you have to figure out an option that’s not too far from your home. You should be able to travel with your child to the clinic as required, and on your first appointment, don’t shy away from asking about the qualifications and credentials of pediatrician. Keep in mind that some clinics have a bunch of experts and pediatricians working in the pediatric care department, so you can always make a choice based on their expertise.

Final word

Your child deserves to get uncompromised and timely medical attention, and as a parent, you have to figure out the best clinic for pediatric care right during your pregnancy. Make sure that the pediatrician is friendly, patient, and is willing to answer all your questions.